Life. Style. Photography.


Poly • /'pälē/

combining form • prefix: poly-
From Greek polus ‘much,’ polloi ‘many.’ Also, homophone for 'Paul E.'



My name is Paul Evangelista and I am a multi-faceted designer based in Chicago.

I honed my craft with some of the world’s top brands in the disciplines of print, digital, and photography. As a photographer, I’ve used my design eye to preserve the fleeting moments of any event in an impactful way no matter how big or small.

I started Poly to better serve the needs of people who want to tell their life’s story through great photography and impeccable design. Poly’s mission is to tell stories in journalistic form, showcasing and preserving the intrinsic nature of relationships. From the longing looks to the endearing hugs from friends and family, Poly has the utmost privilege of capturing our clients’ most intimate moments.